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Snoringone - Snoring Aid

Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
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Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
Snoringone - Snoring Aid
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The  SNORINGONE  Mandibular Advancement anti-snoring device is quite simply the best off the shelf device available on the market.



If you are familiar with the ‘Mandibular Advancement’ principle and know that it is a device of this type you are looking for, then all you need to know are the following salient points…


Summary of the features that make the SNORINGONE the best


·        Twin large air intakes allow easy free-flowing breathing through slightly parted lips.  Nostrils do not need to be clear as with many other devices.

·        It is immediately available for use.  Its soft flexible material avoids the need for ‘boil & bite’ fitting.

·        The material of which it is made is a material certified for medical applications.

·        It is durable enough to be suitable for those snorers who also suffer from Bruxism (teeth grinding and jaw clenching)

·        It does not require the jaw to be held any more than slightly open, unlike some competitive products.

·        The mandibular advancement principle will not work for approximately 1 out of 10 people. So you have not had to spend up to 40% more on one of our competitor’s products to discover if you are one of the unfortunate few.

·        The SNORINGONE device was designed by an award-winning British Design consultancy.

·        It has a number of improved functional features over those being marketed for considerably more money. 

·        It is manufactured in The United Kingdom.




All potential purchasers should read the important note at the end of this text


If however, you are not familiar with the causes of snoring and what can be done about it, please carry on reading for more in-depth information…….


The extravagant claims of many alternative products


If you believe everything you read concerning snoring prevention remedies you will be overwhelmed with a whole range of differing products claiming to provide a solution. 


These products range from those that logically might be thought to work (such as nasal strips to open up the nasal airways) to those that are most unsatisfactory solutions (such as devices to disturb your sleep when you start snoring!).  You are obviously free to try any of these products, but we believe that you will be wasting your money.


So what do unbiased experts think?  Well, in the UK, your doctor might refer you to one of the few excellent sleep research centres.  Apart from expensive and inconvenient CPAP apparatus (see below) or even more expensive surgery, what you will be recommended to try will be a device of the SNORINGONE  typeThis is simply because such devices utilise the only principle that the experts know to work.


The cause of snoring


In reality, there is just one main cause of what is described as ‘proper’ snoring.  This is when the upper palate becomes less firm or more flabby for any of the reasons stated above. As a result of these factors, the airway in that part of the throat becomes reduced in size and it is the vibration caused by the same amount of air trying to get through this reduced space that causes the noise of snoring. 


The Solution


The solution becomes more obvious once it is known that it is this reduced size airway that is causing the problem.  The issue can only be tackled when the airway in the upper palate is made larger. 


So-called remedies that work on any part of the body other than this airway cannot, therefore, provide the solution.  Do not waste your money on these.


Enlarging the gap in the airway can be done in one of three ways. Two are expensive and complicated.  The first of these is by means of a CPAP machine.  These generally have to be prescribed by your doctor and this is usually done only for those who have the medical condition of sleep apnea and who might coincidentally snore. This pumps air into the lungs and keeps them at positive air pressure.  In other words, the soft palate area is inflated to widen the airway.  These machines, the price of which start at around £400, take some getting used to and many struggle to get on with them long-term.


The second solution is by expensive surgery on the upper palate area.  This can be successful but not necessarily so.  It is a procedure carried out under a general anaesthetic and many doctors and sleep centres steer clear of this even for mild or moderate sleep apnea sufferers due to the potential for complications with such an operation. 


The simplest and cheapest method is by mandibular advancement.


Mandibular Advancement


This long-winded term refers to moving the jaw forward with a mechanical device or ‘splint’.  This simple action has the required result of providing a larger airway gap thereby removing the cause of the vibration … and so, by definition, the snoring.


Sleep centres and doctors will usually suggest a mandibular advancement as the first step to trying to prevent snoring in a patient.  This is because for the large majority of patients it is enough to prevent further problems with snoring. 


To put some figures onto this, depending on which studies are examined, it is claimed that between 89% - 92% of snorers will cease snoring or have their snoring drastically reduced by use of a mandibular advancement device.  In other words, you have a 9 out of 10 chance of having such a device work for you.


The SNORINGONE device provides a simple and effective way to achieve this mandibular advancement.  Like all such devices it will take a little getting used to, but in reality this can be achieved surprisingly quickly. 


The softness and flexibility of the material of which the SNORINGONE device is manufactured is of help in this respect also.  This is because it is naturally more ‘user friendly’ to have something in your mouth of this soft consistency … rather than rigid ‘boil and bite’ and custom made devices.


In conclusion then, the SNORINGONE mandibular advancement device is painless and convenient to use.  There is no need for surgery nor for any other changes to your body.  It is both a successful and cost-effective way of treating snoring.


The Cost of Mandibular Advancement Devices


Most mandibular advancement devices are priced from £40 - £50 for off-the-shelf devices to anywhere between £200 - £400 for ones made and fitted by your dentist.  However, it does not mean that the most cost-effectively priced device need be one of a poor design.  The SNORINGONE device is an excellent design at a most competitive price.


It is because of this price discrepancy that many snorers decide to try the off the shelf solutions first to confirm that the principle works for them.  If it does, then they might move on to a custom made device, but many others feel no need and carry on with what they already have.


At £19.99 (which includes a neat little storage box), the SNORINGONE device is one of the most economically priced splints on the market. 


Why spend another £10 - £20 just to confirm whether the principle works with your snoring?



The Design of Mandibular Advancement Devices


All such devices work on the principle of locating with your upper and lower teeth.  The design then contrives to move the jaw forwards a little by pushing outwards on the rear faces of the lower teeth and inwards on the front faces of the upper teeth.


As mentioned previously, some on the market are made of quite hard materials and have to be moulded to fit the user’s mouth by the ‘boil and bite’ method.  This is the process more commonly used with gum-shields for sports purposes.  This precise method of fitting is necessary for hard devices to spread the load across all the teeth and to avoid localized pressure points


Other devices are made of more flexible material and can, because of this flexibility, mould themselves to the jaw shape of the majority of users.  Also, the flexibility means that the pressure on the teeth is spread evenly over the teeth avoiding local pressure points.  Consequently, they do not need boiling and shaping and are therefore more straightforward to set up and use.  The SNORINGONE device is a very flexible but substantial example of this latter type.


What is most surprising is that the majority of the devices on the market provide no means to breathe through the mouth.  They rely on the user’s ability to breathe through their nose.  It is our experience that this is a very undesirable design feature as it does not allow for the usual sleep habits of snorers.  Many snorers naturally breath through their mouths when asleep and especially those who suffer from colds or blocked noses.


Some devices solve this problem by providing hinging between the upper and lower parts of the devices.  These are characterised at the lower priced end of the market (still around £50) by one-piece ‘live’ hinged devices that are by definition of a thin walled construction.  The trouble is that they are certainly not sturdy enough to locate the jaw properly. 


Alternatively, there are devices that are considerably more expensive with separate adjustable hinges.  However, these hinges are small pieces that always have the potential to come adrift and be swallowed or inhaled during sleep.


The best solution is to have a solid one piece device that has adequately sized airways that allow for breathing through a gap in the lips even when the mouth itself is closed. 


The SNORINGONE device is one such splint.  It has not one, but two, big airways allowing plenty of airflow.  However, these are not so deep as to require the mouth to be held fairly wide open even while the teeth are holding something firmly. That is not a natural feeling.


What material is used for our Mandibular Advancement device?


An important question when you think that you will have the device in the aggressive environment of your mouth for hours on end and swallowing saliva that has been in contact with it throughout that time.


Because of this, the material we chose for the SNORINGONE device is produced by a division of one of the most experienced polymer companies in the world and it has been created specifically for medical applications and has USP Class VI certificates of compliance held by the FDA in the USA for such applications. 


Try and find that information on our competitor’s websites!



Read This!



Important Note


It is the nature of a mandibular advancement device that it will not work for everyone.  Thus there is no guarantee that this, or a competitor’s device, will work or be suitable for you. 


The SNORINGONE device does however give you one of the best priced and best designed solutions to find out for yourself.


The chances are that no non-custom-made mandibular advancement device whether our SNORINGONE device or one from our competitors will work for you if your jaw is positioned a significant way forwards or backward.


You must not use one of these devices if you have loose teeth, loose caps, bridgework… or suffer from generally unhealthy teeth or gums.


They are also not suitable for children or those who wear dentures due to a significant number of missing teeth.


If you have any doubts at all, we recommend that you have a word with your dentist before you purchase one of our products. Then, if you do go ahead, it is important that our instructions for use are followed carefully. 

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