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Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender

Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
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Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
Rare Spares VW T5 T6 Extender
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  • Model: VW T5 T6 Extender
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Volkswagen Transporter T5 & T6 Version

From 2003 to Current Models


Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, The RARE-SPARES Handbrake Extender makes your handbrake much more accessible if required.

Over the years that our Ducato extender has been in production we have occasionally been asked whether we can provide an extender for VW Transporters.

The VW Transporter T5 and T6 extenders being offered here are a limited production issue based on components used in our best selling Ducato extender.  These are then modified in-house to fit existing T5 and T6 handbrake levers.

This extender retains our standard feature of the lever being able to be dropped down.  This may be useful for those vehicles fitted with swivel seats, though this will naturally depend on individual dimensional clearances etc.

Recent improvements

This Volkswagen version (as with our current Universal Ducato extender) has the operating lever spring-loaded to give a more positive feel and to dampen any lever vibration that might occur under certain circumstances when driving.


Otherwise all features are as before with our standard extender.  The Rare-Spares extender has always been unique because...

(1) Once the vehicle is parked, the lever itself can be moved out of the way downwards to reduce the overall height of the complete assembly to little more than the original handbrake.  The second photograph above shows this.

(2) The RARE-SPARES Handbrake Extender raises the handbrakes's handgrip higher than other extenders (giving approximately a 200mm or 8" increase in height) to make it easily reached.

For further information, see


Operating the Brake  

The use of the handbrake when driving is self-explanatory and will soon be found straightforward after a short trial. 

The action of the lever which operates directly on the existing release button obviates the need to press the release button with the thumb. Instead the whole arm is moved. 

The lever’s rubber grip is also of a larger diameter than conventional handbrakes. On these two counts then it is eminently suited for those suffering from restricted and/or painful movement of the fingers and thumbs.

IMPORTANT: The movement of the lever on the handbrake's release button effectively makes the handbrake act as the type known in the vintage motoring era as a ‘Fly-Off’ handbrake. Because of this quick release nature, driver should always play doubly safe by leaving the vehicle in gear.  This is something recommended by all experienced campervan and motorhome users whatever the method of handbrake actuation.

Please satisfy yourself that you are happy with the concept of this 'Fly-Off' action prior to ordering.


Dropping the Lever

This is achieved by pulling out an aircraft style quick release pin. This lets the lever swing downwards until it touches the floor.  Depending on your T5 or T6 seat set-up this could provide clearance for swivel seats to turn.  



If the quick release pin is replaced whilst the lever is in the down position, this provides an additional safety feature for when playful children are present. Neither inquisitive fingers nor the extension lever itself can reach the original handbrake's operating button


Quality Construction

Do not mistakenly compare this product with the one or two on the market that have a 'cheap and cheerful' appearance. When you have paid a great deal of money for your campervan or motorhome, why spoil it with an accessory with a 'Heath Robinson' appearance? The RARE-SPARES Handbrake Extender is a quality good looking product manufactured using the finest materials:

The clamping body is injection moulded from glass-filled nylon which is extremely tough and shatter-proof.

The lever itself is made from 6mm satin finish stainless steel.

The hand grip is made from soft high grip bi-coloured rubber.  


The photos show the T5/T6 handbrake grip that this extender will fit. 

Note that the existing VW outer plastic covering grip is not removed to fit this extender


Delivery Timescale

We generally hold no or very little stock of these extenders as they are made as a private venture in small batches when our workload allows. To cover this effectively 'made to order' situation we feel we have to quote up to 30 days delivery. Please be aware of this situation as even if we are showing this item to be available, this means availability within the 30 days.  However, generally your wait will be much less than that and your extender could be despatched within 2 working days!  

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